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Technical Support

Conntek Integrated Solutions offers cost-effective solutions for new, existing, or even custom product designs to ensure the best return on investment for customers.

Conntek Integrated Solutions has fully owned domestic and international manufacturing facilities with an established vertical integrated manufacturing capability as well as a comprehensive horizontal partnership with its own manufacturing alliances. Other benefits include:

  • Overall reduction in cost structure
  • On time delivery
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality assurance warranty to your operation in USA and/or Pacific Rim via our offshore sourcing strategy

Conntek Integrated Solutions’ global team effectively delivers prototyping, plastics/rubber tooling design, over-molded/inserted design, and development.

With more than one hundred sets of injection machines, eighty tooling making machineries (wire-cut, EDM, Lathe, Milling, Press, etc.), and a strong R&D group, we can ensure quality results in your supply chain.

Our metal fabrication cell has progressive stamping, blanking, bending, rolling, forming, and multi-slide processing capabilities. It efficiently operates under one roof with related departments to ensure quality as well as the reduction of both lead time and overall cost.


  • Software / Manufacturing machines
  • R&D upgraded designing software, 3D model.
  • Prototyping equipment capacity: 250mm x 250mm x 250mm.
  • Testing devices, UL and RoHS compliant Lab.
  • Wire-cut, EDM, CNC tooling making equipment:80sets
  • Injection machine: 200sets
  • Extruding machines: 15sets
  • Machine shop: CNC lathe, milling, turning, grinding, honing, etc.
  • Metal stamping press: progressive dies, blanking, etc.

Production capabilities:

  • Wire / Cable Processing:
    • Individual wire stripped, twisted, tinned, with or without terminals, connectors.
    • Cable assemblies with or without blades, pin, terminals, connectors.
    • Molded/assembled power cords, cordsets, adapters, connectors, sockets, plugs.
    • Wire Harness assemblies, with or without blades, pins, terminals, connectors.
  • Sub/fulfillment Assemblies:
    • Inserted moldings, rubber to metal molding (plastic/rubber)
    • Electrical/electronic/mechanical assemblies
    • Sub-assembly services
    • PCBA services
    • Box Build fulfillment assembly services
    • Ultrasonic bonding process
    • Packaging services.

Hub & Warehouse

Conntek Integrated Solutions offers warehousing operations and supply chain management that limits interruption for our customers’ production lines.


Conntek Integrated Solutions’ domestic and Pacific Rim location facilities ensure no interruption in worldwide production lines as well as keeping "ready to sell" stock available.