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About us

About Us

Conntek Integrated Solutions is a leading manufacturer of power connection products for businesses around the world. Conntek has grown to include several locations worldwide since establishing in 2005. Competitive pricing, quality products, and outstanding customer service are the core values that have been the key to the success of the company. A wide selection of competitively priced quality products allows us to provide customers with multiple options to choose from. Our responsive customer service team includes skilled professionals eager to assist you through the purchase and answer any questions that may arise.

Conntek's Environmental Policy

Conntek Integrated Solutions is committed to maintaining the well-being of our environment. We fully comply to the applicable environmental laws and regulations in all the countries we operate in. We strive to ensure environmentally sound practices are always in our business operations. Conntek is also committed to the following:

1. Reduce, re-use, recycle of sources.

2. Emphasize on pollution prevention and minimization.

3. Conserve energy and resources.

Conntek strongly encourages all employees and suppliers to support this environmental policy.


Conntek Integrated Solutions Inc (U.S.A)

4640 W Ironwood Dr. Franklin, WI 53132

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Fax : (414) 423-1901

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East Coast Liaison Contact:

Toll free : 1-877-267-3788

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West Coast Liaison Contact:

Toll free : 1-877-267-3788

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